The production of luxury large yachts is one of the most important sector of the national and especially regional economy. In fact, in our region global important naval dockyards are present and the main partner of this project, CRN s.p.a. of Ferretti Group, is one of them.

Either environment comfort and rapid and effective management of all sub-systems have a considerable relevance in the project of these boats. There is a great presence of electronic devices in these sub-systems, but there isn’t a true interoperability between them. Therefore, the main objective of this project is the definition of  Ambient Intelligent (AMI) for luxury yachts. AMI is composed of both domotic and specific functions for yachts.

At the present, AMI systems are under study and experimentation. For the particular case of yacht enviroment, complexity becomes greater: there are both home/office and means of transportation functions so a complete development of a specific AMI system results impossible inside this project. Therefore, the main objectives of the project are:

  • Ambient Intelligent for luxury yacht definition;
  • Study and development of haptic tables sub-system for AMI;
  • Study and development of audio sub-system for AMI.
The A3Lab role can be founded in the third point. The acoustic comfort is one of the main objective of the AMI in order to achieve better performances with relation to the environment acoustic behavior. The main topic of the study will be the acoustic equalization by considering ceiling mounted loudspeakers.