High Sound

This research program concerns on the study and the development of a new design of low cost electro acoustic speakers with a controllable directivity by using appropriate software. This developed system has a good design with a modular structure in order to improve the acoustics of private and public complex environments, reducing the noise pollution. This product represents an innovative solution because the main national and international competitors does not produce a low cost loudspeakers system with similar acoustic and aesthetics performances. The loudspeakers array structure is modular and its length can be chosen considering the room where the system will be installed.

In this program, a3Lab has developed a standalone software which allows the sound beam digital control. This software has been studied to guarantee the desired behavior in terms of both directivity pattern and uniform sound pressure in the whole frequency range of the reproduced signal. The performances of the algorithm depends on the physical parameters of the array (length and loudspeaker diameter), environment characteristics and output quality.