Smart J Array

This research program concerns on the study and the development of a high innovative sound reproduction system based on a Vertical Line Array. The main originality is given by the mixing of two type of adjustment for the sound beam pointing: the first is based on a digital technique, while the second one is based on a mechanical regulation. This system is studied for the high quality audio reproduction both in external (such as squares or stadium) and internal environments (such as theater or indoor sports arena).

The mechanical and the digital pointing is used for high and low frequencies reproduction, respectively. In fact, this technique is studied to cover these two important requirements which are solved by two different systems at present. The first one is very important during live events, such as concerts, where an incisive high frequencies control is fundamental to obtain a great audio experience. The second one is necessary in the low and mid frequencies amplification, also in reverberant environment, in order to emphasize speech intelligibility in any operative situation.

It is a modular system where the loudspeakers are connected through an innovative mechanical and cinematic apparatus, which guarantees the fine regulation of the opening angle between two loudspeakers. In this project, a3Lab has developed a software for the sound field simulation generated by this new loudspeakers system.