Active Noise Control

Active Noise Control (ANC) is a technique that permits the reducing of undesired sound by introducing an interference signal. This can be obtained through a microphone and a loudspeaker: the former picks up the noise at the listener position while the latter reproduce the interference signal, a sound that is out of phase with the unwanted noise. In this way, at the microphone position, the interference is added to the noise, thus reducing the percepebile noise level. ANC has been applied to several noisy enviroment, e.g. automotive, aircraft, etc.. Since the ANC presents better results at the low frequency range, it has been recently applied with success to yacht bedrooms in order to permit a more confortable sleep by reducing the annoying effect due to engine and power generators noises.

The main topics are:

  • Environment acoustics analysis
  • Feedback multichannel ANC
  • Feedforward multichannel ANC

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Related pubblications

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