The Lab is made of some PC workplace equipped with professional audio instrumentations:

  • professional audio board (MOTU traveler, MOTU 24I/0, MOTU 24mk3, ECHO layla, layla Event), from 4 to 8 pre-amplified input channels and from 8 to 16 output channels
  • professional mics for free and diffuse field measurements (Beringher ECM8000, Shure, B&K Falcon 4189, Sennheiser, AKG C400L, AKG 417 PP, AKG C480, AKG CK92, AKG CK94, Behringer B5)
  • mic preamplifiers (MOTU 8 pre, Tube Pre, Presonus DIGIMAX D8) from 2 to 8 channels
  • mannequines and microphoned head for binaural recordings (B&K, Kemar) with related accessories for connection with professional soundcards
  • active and passive loudspeakers (Genelec 8210 A, Genelec 5040A, Genelec 6010A , Behringer Monitor 1C, Alesis. M1, JBL control 1, M-Audio Studiophile AV20)
  • professional amplifiers (Alesis RA 100, Musical Fidelity HT600)
  • digital mixing console YAMAHA 01V
  • professional headphones AKG ( K271, K141, K240), Sennheiser
  • B&K phonometer with spectrum analyzer
  • up-to-16 loudspeaker line array with external sound-card driven amplification stage
  • TI embedded equipment: OMAP L137, OMAP L138, DSKC6713, DSKC6416, DV-EVM, ad others

 Lab audio

WFS setup