Energy Management 

Main Topics
  • Demand Side Energy Management
  • Task Scheduling in Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes
  • Energy Resources Forecasting
  • Non Intrusive Load Monitoring


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rEMpy - residential Energy Manager in python

rEMpy is a new open-source SW framework for energy management. The framework has a modular structure and it is currently composed by an optimal scheduler, a user interface, a prediction module and the building thermal model. Unlike most of the EMs in literature, rEMpy, is open-source, can be fully customized (in terms of tasks, modules and algorithms) and integrates in real-time a thermal modelling software.

Public repository available at:

Demo Web Interface available at:

Please cite this paper when referring to rEMpy:

Marco Fagiani, Marco Severini, Stefano Squartini, Lucio Ciabattoni, Francesco Ferracuti, Alessandro Fonti and Gabriele Comodi, "A New Open-Source Energy Management Framework: Functional Description and Preliminary Results", 2017 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), to appear.