Virtual Acoustic Feedback

Virtual Acoustic, aims, among its objectives, at the reproduction of acoustic spaces and sources. Virtual Acoustic Feedback (VAF) research targets the interaction of instruments and devices in a virtual acoustic space, with specific attention to acoustic phenomena including apparati acting as transducer and actuator, connected in feedback loop and including at least one active device able to sustain the feedback. VAF research targets the emulation of acoustic feedback (e.g. guitar howling) and its extension to new synthesis scenarios.

This page summarizes research conducted on this topic and collects open source tools for VAF.

Related Publications

  • L. Gabrielli, M. Giobbi, S. Squartini, V. Valimaki "A Nonlinear Second-Order Digital Oscillator for Virtual Acoustic Feedback", to appear in Proc. ICASSP 2014, Florence, IT
  • L. Gabrielli, M. Giobbi, S. Squartini, V. Valimaki "Adaptive Digital Oscillator for Virtual Acoustic Feedback", to appear in Proc. AES 134th Convention, Berlin, DE


Video demo

  • A short video demonstrating guitarist A. Ascolani getting to grips with the Puredata patch


Sampled Tones

Tone recorded in an anechoic chamber, with a Peavey amplifier and Fender guitar. The guitar output was sent to a digital recorder and the amplifier. The amplifier sound was recorded with a microphone and sent to the digital recorder.

Matlab simulation with Sullivan's method [1]

Matlab simulation with the proposed oscillator

 PureData real-time synthesis with the proposed oscillator





[1] Charles R Sullivan, “Extending the Karplus-Strong algorithm to synthesize electric guitar timbres with distortion and feedback,” Computer Music Journal, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 26–37, 1990.